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1: What is Google play gift card?

Google Play Gift Card enables you to purchase ebooks and apps for your Android and Kindle devices and even use it to redeem in-app or digital content. It’s probably the most-requested app on Android Police’s list.

2:How to Get Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play gift card can be bought online from top retailers like Amazon.com, Buymobiles, eBay and so on. However, you need to register with Google for gift card redemption.

3:How to Use Google play Gift Card?

Get Google Play Gift Cards from the Google Play store.Select the retailer from which you would like to buy your Google Play Gift Cards. Then you must complete the payment for the card by logging into the store.

4: How to Redeem Google play Gift Card?

Step 1: Purchase Google Play Gift Card from your preferred online store.
Step 2: Write down your shipping address, email address and your password.
Step 3: Create a new Google Account.
Step 4: Log into your new Google Account.
Step 5: Click on “Pay with Google” section.
Step 6: Create a new Gift Card.
Step 7: Your gift card will be sent by post after confirmation of payment.
Step 8: Verify your delivery address.
Step 9: Read Instructions.
Other than this, users need not to have an e-mail account or phone number to gift Google Play Gift Card

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