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What is X-BOX GIFT card?

X-BOX gift cards are not tangible objects like a CD or DVD but instead represent the right to redeem a digital product which is purchased through Microsoft’s digital store or Xbox.

How to Get X-BOX Gift Card?

There are many ways you can get x-box gift card for you and your loved ones, and each and every one of them has some pros and cons as well.

How to Use X-BOX Gift Card?

To get the gift cards, you have to first register online by entering your credentials in order to be eligible for the gift cards. Then, your team can then pick the gift cards of their choice.

How to Redeem X-BOX Gift Card?

* Redeem a gift card: For gift cards purchased online, you will receive a code to redeem on Xbox.com within 24 hours of receipt. All gift cards must be redeemed within 24 hours of purchase to ensure delivery of a gift card within one month of purchase.* Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash.

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